POWERtalk Gold Coast belongs to the international not-for-profit organisation POWERtalk International, which was founded nearly 80 years ago in San Francisco.
The POWERtalk International training programme has been developed over many years and members have access to an extensive range of educational materials to support the practical training.
All members are given assignments tailored and programmed to their individual needs so personal growth is self-paced.


Internationally recognised Accreditation programme.

Members are encouraged to participate in a voluntary 5 level accreditation programme. This is an internationally recognised programme which allows participating members to measure their growth against a standardised format. The levels develop sequentially and are based primarily on leadership skills, communicative abilities as a listener and a speaker, and organizational techniques.

Within the organisation, there are 4 levels at which one can participate club, council [= state], region [= Australia Wide] and international. All skills learned and developed as a POWERtalk member may be practiced at each level—including leadership, and communication skills. Each year there are 3 council meetings and one region conference which members are encouraged to attend. At these meetings the focus is on education and development with an opportunity to network and meet with like-minded people. Members who want more advanced development have the opportunity to do so at these meetings. The international convention is held once every 2 years.

Evaluation forms an important part of our organisation. At every meeting you will see segments evaluated as well as a general evaluation of the entire meeting which allows members to be commended on their performance as well as being given recommendations for improvement.

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Each year there is a club speech contest, the winner of which participates in the Council speech contest, with the chance of advancing to region then to international level. 
We welcome guests to our meetings and if they feel inclined to do so, enjoy their participation.

How much does it cost?

Guests are free of charge for up to 3 meetings.

There is an annual membership fee which is approximately $185 total and covers all aspects of membership including full access to the member’s only sections and extensive training available on the international POWERtalk website.  In addition to this fee members pay a total of $105 per year to assist with room hire fees for meetings.

The annual fee is due at the end of July each year. [Prices of annual and joining fees are approximate as they involve an international fee and thus are subject to currency fluctuations.] Joining fee is commensurate with annual fee and is calculated on a pro-rata basis, meaning it costs less as the year goes on. All club board members would have a copy of the pro-rata fees and will be happy to confirm the amount with prospective member.

We Meet At

POWERtalk Gold Coast meets


the second and fourth Wednesdays February to November and the Second Wednesday in December


the South Wing, Helensvale Community Centre, 31 Discovery Drive, Helensvale

commencing at

7.25 for 7.30pm.

Meeting concludes 9.30pm.

Guests welcome free of charge [limit of 3 free meetings].

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